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Time is linear.

60 seconds in a minute.

60 minutes in an hour.

24 hours a day.

7 days per week.

4 weeks per (most) months.

52 weeks a year.

80-ish years, on average, until we die.


FACT #1: There is only so much time.

FACT #2: It cannot be stopped.


Yes, time marches onward at a continuous pace
But, it also brings opportunity.

You decide how early to get up in the morning. You decide when to eat lunch.
You decide when to have coffee with friends or take the family swimming.

So yeah, there is only so much time.
How much of YOUR time do you spend on YOU?

Of course, we have jobs. 8+ hours a day with travel that isn’t ‘all ours to do with as we please’.

But this doesn’t need to be a limiting factor in how we spend the REST of our time.


FACT #3: We established the construct of measuring time. What will you do with yours?


Take a serious look at your day. How many hours per day are ‘yours’?

I mean – hours – that you decide what to do.

I’m willing to bet it’s far more than you thought.

So, what are YOU going to do with some of them?


Hint: I have an idea. ;)