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Why it is all about the why.

Each and every day is full of decisions.

Many roads, one journey.


What to wear, stuff at work, dinner, evening out. It’s a constant barrage of choices.

Many of these decisions are quick and simple. We don’t have to dig too deep to make a decision.


However, some of these decisions show our current bias.


They force us to evaluate our values and beliefs to make the final choice.


Now, we ALL have a bias when it comes to decisions.

How and where we were raised.

Our religious or spiritual beliefs.

Our socio-economic standing.

Our jobs.

Our hobbies.

Our immediate family structure.


Um. Uh. Oh. Hrmmmm.


So, next time you are faced with a decision, no matter how small, simply take a step back and ask yourself WHY.


WHY is this the right choice?

WHY isn’t this the wrong choice?

Is this the right choice for ME or for someone else?
(We will talk more on this question soon. It is super important.)


Your starting point.


All I’m trying to say is this….please don’t forget about the WHY.

It is far more important than you may currently realize.